Old VST2 plugins (no longer supported)

Syntler v. 1.5

32 bit VST2 instrument

Syntler is a sophisticated synthesizer that is easy to play. Anyone can create complex polyphonic arpeggios with a single mouse movement.

Put syntler.dll in a folder with your VST instruments. Open as VSTi in the project.

Move the joystik and play the virtual keybord or MIDI. MIDI keys 36 - 47. Key velosity (0 - 63) - minor, (64 - 127) - major.

For scratch and fx play, press the "scratch" button.

For groove play, press the "groove" button, then click "REC" and move the joystik (after 1 bar light metronom).

  • 32 - bit VST instrument for Windows O.S.
  • 2 oscillators.
  • Noys oscillator.
  • LFO.
  • Сontrolled by a virtual joystick that is sensitive to movement speed.
  • MIDI compatible.

Syntler demo.

Syntler v. 1.5

Drumper 2.5

32 bit VST2 instrument

DRUMPER has two internal sequencers and creates a rhythmic pattern by morphing between them. This rhythmic pattern simultaneously plays two drumsets, the sound of which can be processed and mixed in different ways.

Programming patterns on a 16-step drum machine is a pretty boring task. But with Drumper, it's fun. The plugin forms a drum beat (groove) from two 16-step patterns in real time. You can change the rhythmic pattern "on the fly" not only by switching rhythmic patterns, but also smoothly, changing parameters such as "morphing", "density" and others.

  • 32-bit VST-2 instrument for Windows O.S.
  • 128 editable presets.
  • 20 drumsets including bass drum, snare drum, close and open hi hat, 2 percussion samples.
  • Supports loading of .WAV sample files (20 samples for 2 drumsets, 16, 24 bit).
  • 774 editable 16-step patterns.
  • 12 editable pattern combinations for each preset.
  • 4 LFO with syncronization and "sample and hold" shape.
  • 2 filters with resonance and frequency control for each drumset combination.
  • Cross fade function.
  • Pan, pitch, decay and reverb control for each drum sound.
  • MIDI out.
  • FX processor with repeat effect, stereo delay and stereo fazer.
  • Deep saturation effect.
  • MIDI "learn" function for all faders and knobs.
  • And more...

Drumper 2.5 demo.

Drumper 2.3 guid

Drumper v. 2.5


32 bit VST2; 64 bit VST2

The Oldigy is a bitcrusher that emulates the non-linear modulation and adaptive filter used in old digital audio systems in addition to changing the bitrate and sample rate.

Download Oldigy v. 1.22

See also Drumper v. 2.7