Magnetism v. 1.0

64 bit VST3/AU plugin

Magnetism is a VST plugin that simulates recording on magnetic tape. The user can select the type of magnetic media (cassette or reel, a total of 6 types) and tune the following parameters: Recording level (-1, +3 dB), Output volume, Detonation level (knob Wow), Tape noise level. Noise Gate button - reduces the noise level when the incoming signal drops to zero. That is in long pauses or at the end of the track.

The plugin emulates the operation of the tape recorder on 17 parameters. For example, when simulating a magnetic tape detonation, not only slow changes in tape speed (Wow) are used, but also medium and high frequency changes resulting from the tape transport mechanism. The operation of the preamplifier and the frequency correction filters is also simulated.

The plugin does not simulate the sound of the tape recorder's acoustic systems, but only the sound passed through the tape recorder's audio path. Therefore, it is recommended to use an equalizer for better simulation of cassette device speakers.

Demo version without noise, pauses and watermarks. It can be used in practice (mono mode). Enjoy!

Download Magnetism v. 1.0 (demo)


Magnetism v. 1.0

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