32 bit VST2 plugin

This device emulates the sound of old low-bit analog-to-digital converters. User can select a signal bit depth from 4 to 12 bits. And you can also use Nonuniform Pulse Code Modulation. This means that a compander is included in the signal processing circuit. The input signal is compressed, and the output signal is expanded. This improves the accuracy of digitization at a low signal level and reduces the accuracy at a high level. This has a good effect on the signal-to-noise ratio. You can also enable the adaptive noise filter.

  • 32-bit VST-2 plug-in for Windows O.S. Mono.
  • Linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) and Nonuniform PCM.
  • Switchable adaptive noise filter.
  • Emulation 4 - 12 bit sound.
  • Bypass.

Oldigy-t v. 1.0