Sound Pump v. 1.1

64 bit VST3/AU plugin

Sound Pump is a semi-automatic dynamic processor. Depending on the settings, it can operate as a compressor or as an expander. Unlike classical compressors, the user does not need to set the threshold and compression ratio. Only the EFFECT and MIX levels are adjustable. In addition, ATTACK and RELEASE values are also adjustable. Despite the ease of operation, Sound Pump really pumps up the sound.

Sound Pump works in three modes:
Stereo - unlinked channels,
Link - linked channels,
M-S is mid-side stereo.

The first two modes are self-explanatory. It's a simple stereo. Either with a separate setting for each channel, or with a common setting for both channels. The third mode, mid-side stereo, allows working separately with the center of the stereo field (mid) and separately with the stereo component (side).


  • ON switch - on/bypass.
  • MONO switch.
  • MODE selector - select L-R, L-R LINK or M-S mode. In the M-S mode left channel = mid channel (center of the stereo field), right channel = side channel (stereo component).
  • EFFECT knob - switches the operating modes (compressor, expander) and adjusts the depth of the effect. At 12 o'clock position, there is no effect. At position less than 12 (green sector) the expander will work, at position more than 12 (blue sector) - the compressor.
  • MIX knob - mix with input signal.

Demo version without noise, pauses and watermarks. It can be used in practice (mono mode). Enjoy!

Download Sound Pump v. 1.1 (demo)


Sound Pump v. 1.1