Blumlein Stereo

64 bit VST3/AU plugin

What's new in version 1.1 (2023).
Improved filters. Now you can adjust the stereo image even more precisely.

Blumlein Stereo is a plugin designed for precise stereo image tuning. It allows you to adjust the width of stereo signal separately for each of the seven frequency bands.

The device is fully mono-compatible. The effect can only be heard in stereo headphones or speakers. It can be used both for processing individual stereo tracks and groups during mixing and for mastering.


  • ON switch.

  • MONO switch.

  • Knobs 1-7 - each regulates the stereo image depth for a separate frequency band.

    1 - less than 100 Hz
    2 - 100 - 570 Hz
    3 - 570 - 1300 Hz
    4 - 1300 - 2700 Hz
    5 - 2700 - 5300 Hz
    6 - 5300 -8000 Hz
    7 - over 8000 Hz

  • ALL knob - adjusts the total depth of the stereo image.

  • INPUT knob - adjusts the input signal level.

Use the ON and MONO switches to compare the original and processed sound.
Use the channel indicators of the stereo image depth, you can analyze reference recordings with a good stereo image and follow it up in your future work.

Demo version without noise, pauses and watermarks. It can be used in practice with some limitations. Enjoy!

Blumlein Stereo demo.

Download Blumlein Stereo v. 1.1 (demo)


Blumlein Stereo v. 1.1

* Alan Blumlein (1903 - 1942) was an English electronics engineer, notable for his many inventions in telecommunications, sound recording, stereophonic sound, television and radar. He received 128 patents and was considered as one of the most significant engineers and inventors of his time.

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