Stereotron B

64 bit VST3/AU plugin

Stereotron B, just like Stereotron A, is a pseudo-stereo processor. It creates a synthetic stereo effect by dynamically changing the phase of the signal. But, unlike many other pseudo-stereo processors, it is fully monocompatible. That is, when listening to the processed signal in mono, you will not hear any changes or phase distortions. A slight flanger effect (with reasonable settings) will be present only in the stereo component of the stereo output signal Stereotron B can be used to create stereo space for mono tracks when mixing. The device is even simpler than the Stereotron A.
A brief description of the controls:

  • ON switch
  • INPUT switch - allows you to reduce the input signal level by 2 or 4 dB. It is recommended that you keep it at 0 and use it only to prevent overload.
  • HI knob - control the high frequency in the stereo component of the output signal.
  • Stereo knob - adjusts the stereo effect depth.
  • Motion knob - adjusts the depth of the phase shifts in the stereo component of the signal.

    Tips: Use the ON switch to listen to the original (mono) signal. This helps to evaluate the changes made. You can reduce the flanger effect by decreasing the value of MOTION and lowering the treble level (HI knob) at which this effect is most audible.

Demo version without noise, pauses and watermarks. It can be used in practice with some limitations. Enjoy!

Stereotron B demo.

Download Stereotron B v. 1.0 (demo)


Stereotron B v. 1.0

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