Stereotron A

64 bit VST3/AU plugin

Stereotron A is a pseudo-stereo processor. It works according to the classical principle of dividing a mono signal into many frequency bands and panning them. Stereotron A can be used to give stereo space to mono tracks when mixed. The plugin has full mono compatibility. The device is very simple and does not need a thick manual.
Short description of controls:

  • ON switch.

  • INPUT switch - allows you to lower the input signal level by 2 or 4 dB. It is recommended to keep it at 0, and use it only to prevent overload.

  • HI and LOW knobs - control the high and low frequencies in the stereo component of the signal.

  • Stereo knob - this adjusts the depth of the stereo effect.

  • SWAP switch - this inverts the stereo image. The right channel becomes left and vice versa.

  • PAN knob - the pan control.

    Tip: Use the ON switch to listen to the original (mono) signal. This helps to evaluate the changes made.

Demo version without noise, pauses and watermarks. It can be used in practice with some limitations. Enjoy!

Stereotron A demo.

Download Stereotron A v. 1.0 (demo)


Stereotron A v. 1.0

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