Drumper 2.7

64 bit VST3 instrument

Drumper, unlike many other drum machines, has a morphing function for sequences. The plugin generates a pattern of two 16-step sequences in real time. You can change the rhythmic pattern on the fly, not only by switching rhythmic patterns, but also smoothly by changing parameters such as "morphing", "density" and others. Also, version 2.7 now has the ability to remember many editable settings for each pattern.
Drummer lets you quickly select and deeply edit the drumming rhythm for your composition.

Drumper 2.7 whats new.

This is another significant upgrade for Drumper.
So what has changed.

Now all control functions are in one window. No need to switch tabs. Many settings are now switched using drop-down menus.

MIDI keyboard control have also changed. Now it is possible to directly call any two patterns and two drum sets simply by pressing two keys.

There is a new "SETUP" keyboard. Now the Drumper remembers 10 setup settings. Including pitch, LFO and reverb settings. This is also switched directly from the keyboard.

Added a "solo" button on each channel.

Now the "gate" setting in the reverb block is memorized for each pattern and combination of patterns.

In Drumper 2.7, there are no longer separate "w" knobs, but the function of controlling one controller with several parameters has been preserved. For the "wheel" controller, the way of setting parameters has changed. Now, in order to adjust the changes in the parameters "lfo speed", "lfo depth", "release", "attack" and "pitch depth" you need to turn the "wheel" controller to the maximum and adjust the end point for each fader.

Now for each channel there is a filter and distortion. The filter can be assigned to an envelope.

There are no more "ROM" samples. Each sound can be replaced by loading any sample from disk.

The pan value can be set with a knob or controlled by one of the LFOs, or be random for each beat played.

Added another FX processor. It is possible to assign each track to one of the two FX processors or to both at once.

For each track, you can now enable and disable features such as "random" and "density".

The "humanize" function now not only shifts the notes in the pattern, but also randomly varies the volume within a small range.

Also in version 2.7 there is no midi output.

Drumper 2.7 Manual

DRUMPER 2.73 tested under Windows 11 Pro
and Mac O.S. 12.6.3 Monterey
Please let me know here if you have
any problems with installation and operation.

Download Drumper v. 2.7 (demo)

Drumper v. 2.7